Special Events


LEVERAGE is the Annual Youth Conference of The Lovechannels Christian Centre. An Event intentionally designed to impact super positively on the Youths, thereby, restructuring and renewing their mentality in every sphere of life.

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart is a quarterly meeting specially designed for new members to get acquainted with our Pastor, Chioma Rufus. It is an informal member-to-pastor and pastor-to-member heart to heart connection/luncheon.

Love in Action

Love in action is an outreach designed specifically to reach out to our community in practical acts of love. Medical outreach, feeding program, sanitizing our environment and giving out free ministry materials.

Friendship Sunday

FRIENDSHIP SUNDAY is a service specially packaged for friends. On this day, we take out time to show our friends that irrespective of how busy our schedule is, we have them in mind, appreciate their friendship and will love to spend two hours on Sunday morning sitting right beside them, basking in God's presence and listening to Him together. We love to share a coke with them in church, take pictures, rewind, and revisit some of those lovely memories we shared-time together at the cinema, rendezvous, go out shopping, swimming, sight-seeing or take a trip. You'll always meet a friend here at The Lovechannels.

Think Like a Queen

Think Like A Queen is a platform designed specifically for ladies from the ages of 18 and above. We believe that every woman is uniquely and uncommonly endowed by God not withstanding the challenges that she is faced with like: wrong cultural practices, low self-esteem, lack of education, lack of exposure and demonic activities. Think Like A Queen is designed to bridge this gap and also challenge "the woman" to rise up, discover, become and fulfil God's purpose for her life. Think Like A Queen is slated for every second Saturday of the month, by 8am.


The whole essence of man's existence is to worship God, therefore Extol was designed to avail us the opportunity to promote this pivotal reason for human existence. And as such, is an open platform for all people, no matter the denomination and from all works of life, to come and worship God for who He is. it is an annual phenomenon fixed in the month of September. Everyone always looks towards this life changing event every year...



Exhale is our bridge event that takes place annually. As the name implies, it is a time to relax, unwind, laugh, and take a deep breath of relief in appreciation to God for seeing us through the year. It is our wrap up program; a night you'll live to remember, for the fun, games, music, comedy drama and theWord.


We believe in fasting and prayer, it's a time we set aside to pay special attention to the Word, prayer and fasting. Recharge is part of our spiritual responsibility to fine-tune our spiritual sensitivity and become more productive and proactive in our service to God and man.

Night of the Miraculous

God gave us His Son to fix sin; which is the hardest and the origin of man’s woe on earth. God wants mankind well in their spirit, soul and body. Night of the Miraculous is one of God’s way of demonstrating His unconditional love for us through miracles, signs and wonders. God wants all men to be saved and to stay healthy. He wants us to enjoy freely all things that pertain to life and godliness-the reason for the birthing of Night of the Miraculous.